In the beginning

It began in Portland, Oregon when Fergus bought a 4 track reel to reel and began to write songs. In '99, the first incarnation of what was to become the FERGUS DALY BAND released the album Outrider with current bass player, Zach Coles, and fiddler, Jessica Billey. Now years later with a SXSW performance and featured songs in the movie Jackie and Ryan behind them, the FERGUS DALY BAND is set to release a full length album recorded in Nashville,TN. The band now consists of core members Zach Coles on bass, Mike Dunkle On drums, Rob Reason on guitar and vocals, and Fergus Daly as lead singer and guitarist.  

Although no stranger to fesival stages and opener shows, the band enjoys a robust local following and is always glad to work a smaller, intimate setting full of friendly faces. The FERGUS DALY BAND is based out of Lafayette, IN, home of the Purdue Boilermakers.